Driving You Forward


I have been called the Expert of Exuberance, The Speaker Extraordinaire, and the Queen of Enthusiasm… I love to motivate, to teach, to help you find your strengths and so much more!

As a former Kindergarten teacher I taught the basics of human interaction. Now as a turned top-notch International trainer I apply kindergarten basics to adult complexities. I found a way to turn my enthusiasm for teaching the fundamentals into a life of spreading the joys of a passionate life.

Many find my high energy and expressive style as a huge benefit to your event. My fast-paced delivery, sprinkled with impactful stories and anecdotes, has been said to make me one of the most stimulating and sought-after speakers in the world. I strive to earn the hearts of the people I speak to and I have become an internationally known motivational speaker traveling the world with my vibrant message on life.